Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been too long!

I have definitely dropped the ball on keeping this blog updated! It's been over two months!

We had a wonderful first Thanksgiving and Christmas with McLaine. That little girl is so spoiled rotten. She now has more toys than she knows what to do with!

McLaine's biggest, newest thing is her first tooth! It just poked through this week. You can't really see it yet, but I can feel it! I can't wait to see it when it's grown in all the way. My little baby is now 10 months old and has a tooth! I can't believe it!

McLaine has now been working with her therapist for 2 months. We are still working on the big goal of her sitting on her own, and getting into crawling position, but she has acquired some great skills along the way.
McLaine can now:
*roll both ways and all over the place
*scoot herself alllllll around her play area using her legs and head lol
*stand in her exersaucer and play for as long as she wants without losing head control or slumping
*she's gained great hand control and can pick up and play with all kinds of things! She can hold a toy in each hand (which is actually a big deal believe it or not lol)
*grab her feet and put them in her mouth lol
*repeat sounds and blow raspberries (still working on babbling with consonants)
*reach for mommy's nose and eyes when asked to identify them!

It's incredible how active and verbal she's gotten lately. We still don't have any kind of formal diagnosis. Her pediatrician is leaning toward the idea of a muscle disorder and wants us to try and get a muscle biopsy (removing a small piece of muscle and looking at it on the microscopic level). I'm just trying to appreciate every day and not focus on the "hunt for a diagnosis" that we may never actually get. Then there's still the chance that it's nothing at all and she's just a little behind. Who knows? We're taking it a day at a time. :)